"with success, I have been given great wealth. and with great wealth comes great responsibility to give back to society, to see that those resources are put to work in the best possible way to help those in need"
Bill Gates, 2006

venesis foundation trust

The Venesis Foundation Trust was formed in 2006, built on the principle objective of allowing the experience and skills it used daily with its corporate clients, to be used across humanitarian and welfare projects.

The Foundation extends the investment management capabilities and the passion for investing in early stage businesses found within Venesis by focusing its activities upon supporting microfinance projects.

Microfinance involves providing financial services to the entrepreneurial poor, to help them establish or expand a small, self-sustaining business. The entrepreneurial poor have great ideas and ability, but often cannot access the capital they need to help them start a business.

Asset poor with few savings and wanting only a small loan means banks will not lend to them. Often the only credit is from local moneylenders charging exorbitant rates of interest.

A loan can be as little as $25, but will enable the purchase of basic tools equipment like a sewing machine for repairing shoes or farm tools that will lead to a more independent and sustainable means to support a family or community.

If you are interested in learning more about the projects that we are operating, or how you can make a financial contribution, please email [email protected]

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