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In today’s global market place, innovation and transformation will typically involve changing both operational processes and business technology, alongside engaging the whole of an organisation to adopt and accept large-scale change.

Venesis brings to a client a team of individuals who are leaders in their fields, each with a track record of building businesses and enabling organisations to grow. We have the experience to determine and shape the strategies for dealing with those risks and the skills to facilitate your business implementing the changes necessary.

  • Operational Excellence and Business Realignment
  • Business Transformation
  • Technology Integration and data automation
  • Business Rescues & Turnaround Consultancy
  • Capital funding and investor management

Lean Sigma
Venesis uses a Lean-Sigma data driven methodology and toolkit to simplify, standardise and optimise core operational business processes.

Our experience to date shows that most business are working at a sigma level of between 1.5 and 2 sigma, and that with an improvement shift of just one-sigma, companies will experience a 20% margin improvement, a 12% to 18% increase in capacity, or a 12% full time equivalent (FTE) reduction in resources.

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